And... my mind went died.

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Abandoned Factory Filled with Rubber Ducks Cleveland, Ohio (via)


Sabe a magia?… Ela acabou!


hipster blogs be like


“Claro que eu vou te machucar. Claro que você vai me machucar. É claro que vamos machucar uns aos outros. Mas esta é a própria condição de existência. Para se tornar primavera, significa aceitar o risco de inverno. Para tornar-se presença, significa aceitar o risco de ausência.”
~ O Pequeno Príncipe. (via robo—ed)




So I work at Target, and I had to help this woman carry 20 large bags of cat food into her car. When I asked her how many cats she had, she responded with:

"The first 25 have names, and the rest just come and go."

And then she proceeded to tell me:

"You are such a nice young man. You would make a good cat."

Cat ladies are fucking awesome

What if she’s a witch and takes you and turns you into a cat and she’s been trying to find more people to turn into cats and that’s why she has so many?

write a book